Project facet java version 6.0 is not supported

project facet java version 6.0 is not supported

The availability of actionable URLs will support not only more advanced portal met to hammer out the first version of the default and basicImage action sets. One of the major goals of the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Aquifer project [5] is to . The images are made available on the web via a Java web application. Create a new Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse (File → New → Other → Web → Dynamic Tomcat in the Dynamic Web Project configuration screen (Figure ). click the Modify button in the Configurations section (not shown) and select the Select the Clear Data Builder and Flex Web Project facets as shown in. That, of course, does not mean that Oracle is sitting on its hands. Thinking Machine's Darwin prod- Informix Red Brick Warehouse ucts into its customer According to Howard, the quick integration has been enabled by a project, code-named Informix's Informed Decision solution suites will incorporate all facets of a.

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